What You Can Expect During the Re-Roof Process

At La Rocque Better Roofs, Inc. we understand there are concerns and questions you may have during the entire re-roof process beginning with the initial thought of who should I hire to perform my job?


Selecting a Contractor

  • Start with asking friends, family and neighbors who they used and what their experience was with the company, procedures, and if they would hire them again if they had the opportunity to do it all over again?
  • Surf the internet and the local phone book for possible candidates.
  • Select three to four companies that interest you.
  • Once you have selected the companies you feel would do a great job, begin the interviewing process.
  • Print a Job Bid Comparison Checklist for a handy reference! This list will help pre-screen and qualify the candidates. Here are some key items to look for when hiring a contractor:
  • History of the company, how many years they have been in business
  • Have they changed their name in the last ten years and if so, why?
  • Have they ever filed for bankruptcy?
  • Do they have an office and a full time staff of people within the office?
  • Do they subcontract any part of the work to other companies and if so, what parts?
  • Demand to see proof of all insurances including:
  • Workmen’s Compensation Certificates
  • General Liability Certificates
  • Do not allow any contractor on your property without these certificates.
  • Verify with the CSLB website the status of the contractor.
  • Verify with the BBB website the status of the contractor.
  • Ask the name, phone number, and contact person of the material distributor that will be delivering the materials used
  • Ask the distributor if the contractor is current with their bill
  • Take the time to ask the distributor questions about the contractors you are planning on hiring
  • Demand from the contractor material and labor releases prior to any payments issued from both them and the material distributor
  • What is their payment schedule?
  • DON’T be a victim of paying in full for your job upon completion and the contractor not paying their material bills; remember, you are ultimately responsible for all payments even if you have paid the contractor in full
  • Demand the contractor pull all required permits and post the card in plain site so you can review the inspections
  • What is the warranty for the completed project?
  • What are the start and finish dates of the project?
  • What is the process regarding the project?


Our Re-roof process and what you should expect:

When you contract with us we provide you with our contractor’s license, insurance certificates and material and labor releases from both our company and our distributor.



Our contracts are very thorough and detailed. Each contract entered into is reviewed by the CEO and the General Manager prior to the commencement of your project.

The Estimator, General Manager, and CEO are available to you for any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your project is completed.

Prior to your project starting, you will receive a call from our project coordinator with scheduling information and what we will need from you to help our process go as smoothly as possible.

Our site manager will introduce himself upon arrival on the morning your project begins and will give you a brief description of what we will be doing.


Roof Removal:

If removal of your existing roof is required, we will be placing a dump truck as close to the roof line as possible in order to minimize the chances of roofing debris from falling in your yard.

We will tarp pool areas and driveways during the roof removal to help eliminate possibility of damage.

During the re-roofing process we will have several trucks near and at your home.

All attempts are made to insure you and your neighbor have proper access to your driveways.



During the re-roofing process, as with any construction project, there will be noise both inside and outside the house that you may not be accustomed to.

During the process we will be using equipment such as dump trucks, fork-lifts, pneumatic guns, power saws and power tools as well as hand tools that make noise.

We respect your privacy and we will do everything possible to keep the noise to a minimum. At no time do any of our crews use a radio or play music during the work day. Our hours of operation are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday unless we are give permission from you to work during other hours.



Throughout the re-roof process we will be loading the roof and moving materials which may cause vibrations to the interior walls and ceilings to your home, especially during the roof removal segment. We are very respectful and as careful as we can be to your property, but keep in mind, complete elimination of vibrations is impossible.

Prior to the start of the re-roof process you should take the time to inspect both the interior and the exterior of your home and make provisions to any pictures, statues, or light fixtures such as ceiling fans or chandeliers and if you feel that they could be affected you should remove these items from the walls and/or ceilings to prevent damage.



With every construction site you should anticipate some degree of dust and debris. Most of our debris is from the roof removal. We make every attempt to remove and haul away all roofing materials from the jobsite on the first day and continue to maintain a clean work site daily throughout the entire process.



During the re-roofing process we make every attempt possible to keep debris from falling onto the grounds and landscape area. We take special care to help protect flower beds, shrubs, bushes, grass and all hardscape areas including pools.


Thank You:

We understand the importance of your project to you and that the decision to re-roof is not just to put a roof covering on but also to increase the aesthetic value of your home or project.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a company that will give you the assurance that you have made the right choice.

We will assist you in every way possible in choosing the right color, style and roof that will give you the most durability, quality and aesthetic value for your re-roof project.

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