La Rocque Better Roofs, Inc is one of few family-owned and operated roofing, general and Insulation contractors in the growing Inland Empire and has been serving customers all over Southern California since 1981. The root of our business has grown from the simplest of insulation repairs to complete insulation and attic ventilation upgrades to your project.

As we have established our name and refined our reputation in the communities in which we’ve served, we can offer you a wide range of services. The benefits from our insulation and ventilation aspect of our business have been endless and we will continue to pass these benefits on to you as we look forward to serving your insulation and ventilation needs.


Our insulation services includes many features that will help promote & retain better energy efficiency for your home, business, or commercial project. 

  • Evaluation of your existing insulation and ventilation on your project.
  • Removal of the existing insulation materials in your attic space.
  • Install blown-in or battened insulation materials with R-values from R24 to R60
  • Install Tech Shield or Polar Ply Heat reflective plywood or OSB decking.
  • Install ISO or Rigid insulation board with thicknesses ranging from 1" -4"
  • Install both electrical powered or solar powered attic ventilators/fans