HOA/COA Communities

Framing, roofing, and insulation are only a few of the quality benefits our customers have come to appreciate since 1981 from La Rocque Better Roofs, Inc. See below for additional services and how our experience can further benefit you and your project!

Our additional services include but are not limited to: Painting, Stucco, Siding, Balcony Decks, Rain Gutters, Roof Ventilation and Skylight Lid Replacement. 

We are very proud to be affiliated with these two well respected institutions, it is our goal to follow and abide by their strict code of ethics in all of our endeavors.

We will evaluate individual units, buildings, or the entire project to determine the best short and long term goal for the Management Company, the Project Manager and the Association.

The roofs are inspected by a fully trained estimator.

We will inform you as to the best measures needed to take in order to maintain the integrity of the project.

Each proposal includes a detailed estimate of roof cleaning, roof maintenance, roof repairs, or complete re-roofing, if necessary. Also included are digitized photos of any roof deficiencies found during our inspection, along with a detailed diagram of the roof indicating exactly where such deficiencies exist.

When we are contracted to perform work for you, we will personally flyer and notify each homeowner or tenant involved. All communication will be documented and available to all parties involved.

All of our roofing work is photographed from the beginning of each project to its completion, and these photos are available to you.

Another service we provide is to attend your Homeowners Association meeting and present you and your Board of Directors with a professional consultation of either the work proposed prior to starting, work in progress or job completed.

An advantage that we have over most of our competitors is that we can provide a customized payment plan to fit your Associations budgets and current reserves.

In many cases we are able to provide in house funding with low interest rates from 6 to 36 months in order to help our clients properly maintain their community.

The best part is the warranty we offer. It is by far better than most in that we do not wait for you to call us when a problem arises, such as roof leaks or deficiencies. What we offer is a 1 - 10 year MAINTENANCE PROGRAM for all of our communities.

To elaborate, we will inspect, clean, seal, document, and photograph each project annually and then provide the Property Manager and the Homeowners Association with all data for review.

Again, we are providing leadership service for others to follow.

We truly believe that our  will provide the Association as well as the Property Manager, the comfort in knowing that their community is being serviced properly and the integrity of the new roof is maintained each year.