Prepare your roof before getting solar panels  with a roof inspection.

There’s been quite a bit of interest about solar, so here are some necessary action steps to take prior to installing solar panels to ensure you get the most out of them. Have you been thinking of going solar to save you money, decrease your climate footprint, and create a more efficient standard of living for you and your family? Before you add solar panels to your roof, consider some of these things so you can enjoy your solar panels and reap the benefits for many years to come.

First things first. You need a roof inspection.

A roof inspection is critical to the successful installation of your solar panels. Roof inspections should be done at least once a year considering your area’s climate and if you’ve kept up with roof maintenance, your roof should be in good shape prior to your new solar system. Any existing damage, including missing or broken shingles, tiles damaged gutters all need to be repaired before installing solar panels. You wouldn’t put on a new coat of paint without cleaning the old paint off or putting on primer, so you really want your roof to be in great shape. Your inspection should also include peeking into your attic space for things such as potential leaks is also important.

Handle all Roofing Repairs First.

If your home or property’s existing roof needs repairs or has overdue upgrades such as leaks, holes in the flashing, material replacements, even issues with your chimney or gutter those need to be taken care of before solar panels are installed. Imagine getting your sofa or car seats reupholstered without giving it a good clean beforehand. It’s the same with your roof. It needs to be in a relatively great shape before laying solar panels. Consider a roof replacement if your roof is at the end of its life. Roofs that are in good condition with at least 10 years of life left are usually considered in great shape for solar panels.

 This is where hiring a roofing contractor is essential. They can give you an inspection and fix any other roofing issue you have prior to your solar installation.

Other Considerations.

Apart from a professional roof inspection, the surrounding area of your home or property also needs to be well kept. Trees protect us from both extreme heat and cold as well as beautify our space and have a host of environmental benefits. For solar panel installation though, it’s important to trim back any trees and any other large shrubbery that would obstruct the sun’s rays from energizing your roof. Is your home energy efficient? Look around your home for any wasted energy. Check your windows and doors for any leaks as this will only make your HVAC system work even harder. While we’re discussing HVAC systems, you should also check your unit to see if it’s energy efficient. Check all major appliances and lighting to make sure they’re in good working order.

 After completing your professional roof inspection, handled all roofing repairs, maintained your trees, greenery, and checked your home for existing energy leaks, your roof is now ready for solar panels! Remember that even though PV panels can lose .02% production annually, a well-maintained solar system can last over 25 years. ITC federal 30% tax credit can also be applied to the section of roof that needs to be repaired prior to mounting solar panels.

For more information on saving money by making your home or property more energy efficient or for all your roofing needs, get in touch with us here at LA ROCQUE BETTER ROOFS.


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