Winter’s gone and the weather is warm enough to enjoy being outside yet cool enough not to get burned. It’s the perfect time to start on your spring cleaning and here’s a list to get you started!

  1. Checking your attic for leaks                                                                                             Spring Cleaning road sign with a background of blue skies
  2. Clearing debris off your roof
  3. Trim large bushes or trees that obstruct or deposit debris onto your roof
  4. Clear out your gutters
  5. Check for loose or broken shingles
  6. Check your roof ventilation
  7. Call a professional roofer to assist you with these tasks! 

Because summer is heating up right around the corner all that heat can turn your roof and home into a scorching oven, this article focuses on springtime roof ventilation. We covered roof vents in a previous article. Read it here. Spring is one of the best times to check your roof ventilation and get your other roofing maintenance done.

  • Adequate roof ventilation affects the comfort level of your home, your family while keeping air circulating clean and fresh.
  • Your attic space can be adversely affected as well as the quality and life of your roof shingles.
  • Improperly ventilated roofs can create mold buildup as well as heavier use on your HVAC system.


Check Existing Vents  Winter can damage your vents bringing debris as well as high winds, heavy rain or snow. Your ridge vents and other areas of breeze should be checked as well as under the eaves of your home. Dead leaves can easily turn to mush with the winter weather. All organic matter and obstructions need to be cleared away. 

Are there any missing parts? Animals seeking shelter during winter months may have made holes in the ventilation. With spring and summer, critters, bugs, and insects may use these holes to enter your roof as a breeding and nesting area.

Do you need any upgrades?  If there’s moisture in your attic and home, it could mean you have insufficient ventilation. Some of your roof vents may either need to be replaced, upgraded or you may simply need to add more vents.

Roof ventilation and maintenance is best done by a professional roofer who can assess your roof and vents, helping to make your home comfortable year-round.


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