Bamboozled Getting a Bargain Roofer?

Your house needs a reroof and you need to hire a quality roofer you can trust. You want one who’ll save you money, provide timely, high-quality services and hopefully avoid any headaches along the way. Many times, however, these qualities are sacrificed by homeowners for cheap services that offer a quick turnaround at an outrageous price.

Don’t get blindsided by companies offering services at rock bottom prices. Here are some tips you can use immediately when looking for quality service.

You Think it's Expensive Hiring a Good Roofer. Try Hiring a Bad One Meme.

You Get What You Pay For

Hiring a cheap roofing company means low quality workmanship, secondhand materials, and negligible customer service. You inevitably receive the quality you pay for. Instead, take the time and put your money towards hiring a quality roofing contractor that’ll get the job done well the first time.


Cheap Roofing Companies may take Advantage of You

Lower quality roofing companies mean lower overall service quality. This can translate to poor communication, not following regulations and safety standards and leaving your property and surrounding area a mess and full of debris.


Cheap Roofing Doesn’t Offer Long Term Protection

Their purpose is quick cash and a fast turnaround. Cheap, low-quality contractors won't follow up with their customers or be available if problems arise. They also won’t offer any warranties. Worse off, they will be offered then not accepted. Hiring a professional roofing contractor will honor what they say and demonstrate they are trustworthy even before you sign anything, their words and communication sound from the very beginning.

Cheap Roofing Companies May Not Be Around for Long

Because their services are low quality and are not backed in any way, cheap roofing companies aren’t established, nor do they operate long term. Hire an established company that has been around for a long time and has a good reputation.

You’ll End Up Spending More Money in the Long Run

You wanted to save money, but likely will pay more due to the low-quality workmanship and poor materials. Turn your money into a long-term investment by hiring a good quality roofer who will use top quality materials as well as a high standard of workmanship.


You May Not Qualify for Warranties

Manufacturer parts must be installed by certified contractors for you to receive the full benefit of a warranty. Hiring a cheap contractor means they may use low quality materials that aren’t covered for warranties or are improperly installed, meaning the work won’t be covered when you need repairs.


How to Fix a Bad Roofing Job

Your time, money and trust were exploited. Waste no more time and hire a trusted professional contractor who will fix your roof and set you up for long term success.

 If you hire a cheap roofing company to fix your roof, you may end up worse for wear. While you think you're saving money and time, you can end up in a money pit. Poor workmanship with subpar or even secondhand materials that will drastically reduce the life of your roof. Cheap roofing contractors may also have no warranties or ones that last a few years. They will also lack proper communication and etiquette. 


Resources To Find a Good Roofer?

There are many trusted roofing contractors in the industry and most likely in your area.  Inquire with your friends, family to help you make a great decision about your roof. If your neighbor just got a great looking roof ask them who they hired. You always have options, and La Rocque Better Roofs can fix a bad roofing job. No longer spend time worrying or spending money trying to patch a problem.



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