Don’t know what to look for in a roofing contractor? 5 tips to avoid costly repairs.


1. Read reviews of local companies. Consider reputable manufactureres where you can search for local contractors you can trust such as Owens Corning. Reach out to            family, family, even coworkers who've done the kind of work you're looking for.  

2. Unsure what to do? Get multiple quotes and get a free estimate when you can. 

3. Know what your needs are. Ask relevant questions of potential roofers. Do research into what materials you would like to use then find a local contractor who uses              those materials. Inquire about their affiliations with brands and manufacturers.

4. Does your contractor have a license to do the work you’re hiring them for?
    The BBB reports that the most commonly mentioned scams are roof related. $13.8M is lost annually to home improvement scams. There are people who are counting          on our lack of knowledge. Don't let this be you. Shady people are counting on the fact that homeowners don’t do their homework. Don’t let this be you. 

5. Take adequate time choosing the right contractor for your job. Don't feel rushed or pressured to make immediate decisions in the moment. Any contractor should               explain services properly and without hesitation. 


Infographic 5 Tips

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