Different Types of Roofing Materials

What Style Matches you?

Make smart, money-saving choices. Be informed about roofing options so you can make an investment that lasts well into the future. If you’re thinking of getting a new roof or know someone who is, read on. You’ll save time knowing what’s available and right for your home. You’ll also be able to speak confidently to contractors who work on your roof and home.

 Composition (comp) or Asphalt Shingles

Comp, also called asphalt shingles are the most common roofing covers. It comes at a good price, is lightweight, and resistant to the elements. Waterproof, protective from damaging UV rays, they’re made to last. These shingles are made of fiberglass with tiny asphalt and ceramic granules and last 25-50 years. Compositive Shingles are manufactured and made to look very much like organic materials such as wood for a fraction of the price. Comp shingles, like the name suggests, are made up of varying materials such as plastics, clay, asphalt, and rubber. Replacing individual shingles is easy which is another reason they’re popular.

 Clay & Concrete

Clay and concrete tiles are popular roofing options in hotter climates making them popular in Southern California. Fire resistant with a low moisture absorbency, clay and concrete naturally resist moss and last an exceptionally long time. Clay can be more expensive than concrete tiles, which might be a drawback for some while concrete is a more affordable option, with a similar look to slate, but much cheaper. It’s also durable and can last up to 50 to 100 years! Because of the weight of concrete, you may need to reinforce your roof.

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)

TPO roofing is used in both residential and commercial buildings. Many times, used on flat roofing and is distinctive with its white UV reflecting roof will keep you and your family cooler during summer months. TPO roofs are resistant to mold, algae making it low maintenance, durable with a lifespan of about 15-30 years. A standout from other roofing materials. 

Roofing materials that work well in California

Asphalt shingles for their price point, durability and ease of installation are what draw many Californians to this material. Clay tiles are also popular for their long lasting and high aesthetic appeal in the Spanish style making it perfect for many Californian homes. The lightweight, weather and fire resistance and sheer durability of metal roofing make it a popular choice. Once only used for industrial buildings, metal roofing has become popular choice for homeowners with selections copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

 Anatomy of a Roof discusses the components of a roofing structure which could prove helpful when you’re talking to a contractor about any damages to your roof or considering a new roof. Be knowledgeable and smart about the roofing choices you make.

 If you’re looking for something durable, attractive with a multitude of varieties, asphalt shingles might be a great choice for you. While clay, concrete and TPO are all resistant to mold, algae and UV rays, clay and concrete are much pricier. There are many styles and materials for roofing in the California weather and when you’re shopping for a new roof, you’ll have many to choose from.

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