You hear a lot about reducing your energy bills and air conditioning usage with solar roofing, but did you know there are other ways to achieve this? Invest in cool roofing and you'll do just that; lower the overall temperature of your roof, your home's temperature while lowering your energy bills and your HVAC usage. 

Title 24 Compliant

Though Title 24 is not new, many homeowners aren't aware of what it entails. Title 24 is California's Energy Code for all buildings must be energy efficient. What this means for roofing is that in clmate zone 10-15, asphalt shingles must meet or exceed an SRI (solar reflectance index) of 16 for all new roofing construction and all reroofs that include more than 50% of the existing roof. 

Cool Roof Shingles

Using better materials that fare better in the sun is a definite option. Owens Corning takes care of this by offering Cool Roofing shingles many of which meet or exceed the SRI index. These shingles have a special coating and use light reflecting granules on their surface resulting in a much cooler roof temperature. Cool roofs have 3 abilities; solar reflection, high thermal emittance meaning it will release heat that's been absorbed and lastly absorb some heat into your roof and home. La Rocque Better Roofs carries Owens Corning Cool Roof shingles and can help you choose one that fits your needs as well as your personal aesthetic. 

What Other ways Can You Keep Cool & Save Money? 

 Low-E is another option available for regulating the temperature of your roof. A type of insulation that goes under your roofing deck, Low-E reduces the temperature of your roof, your attic, and your home. It also protects your roofing materials from overheating and premature aging. All of this saves you money AND keeps you and your family feeling comfortable. 


The Cool Roofing that La Rocque carries is Owens Corning's Cool Shingles.


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Colorful Infographic about Keeping a Home Cool and Saving Money

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