You may have neighbors or friends who have solar panels installed on their roof and have wondered if solar is also right for you. You might have questions such as whether your roof is right for installation. You want the greatest return from your solar investment and here’s some things to consider when going solar. 

Consider your local weather. Here in Southern California where we get sunshine throughout the year it's less of an issue, but we still get a fair amount of rain. You might be surprised to learn that solar panels work well in rainy and even cloudy weather.

How much sunlight does your roof get? The best position for a house is a south facing roof, but your panels can be angled to catch as much of the sun’s rays as possible. The best angle for solar panels is a slope between 15 and 40 degrees.

Does your house sit in shade, or does it get ample sunshine? If your home has a lot of shade due to plants or taller buildings, it can still be suitable for solar panels. A solar expert or a professional roofer can assess your roof and give you an estimate and talk about all your options. Solar panels can still draw in sunlight even on cloudy days and due to multiple micro inverters on each panel, sunlight can be drawn into a shaded panel from other panels on your roof that are getting more sunlight.

How old is your roof? If you own a home with an aging roof, replace or fix any minor repairs before you install solar panels. By doing this, you can look forward to an expected life of up to 30 years and the convenience of replacing them at the same time. Replacing your roof before solar installation will also reduce the possibility of leaks.

What kind of roof do you have? Within the many types of roofing materials, solar panels work easily with asphalt shingles. Regardless of roofing material, a professional roofer who installs solar panels will be able to secure them ensuring they stay put. Asphalt and comp roofs are the most common and do well with solar panels. Clay tiles are harder to work and will have to be removed first with but will still work. Apart from roofing material type, a flat surfaced roof without any obstructions is the perfect foundation for your solar system.

How much energy do you consume? How much energy you and your family currently consume will give you an idea of costs throughout the year. You should also factor your future use such as a growing family, added large appliances, upgrades and even fuel-efficient cars.


Always hire professional roofers and solar experts when considering adding solar panels to your home. They can work around any skylights or unique angles to your home. At La Rocque Better Roofs, our solar expert can answer any lingering questions you have about solar panels and installation. They’ll also be able to give you a better understanding of the benefits you’ll receive now and the savings in the future.


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