Homeowners have become wiser and more sensible about where they spend their money. Even though the utility companies have changed their solar net metering to Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0, solar is still a wise choice. The cost of solar panels is decreasing, making it more accessible for people to take advantage of solar energy. People are curious about what actions are needed before they call for an estimate or an installation. we’re answering questions and addressing concerns about solar power gathered from our solar expert. We’re discussing whether you need to upgrade your property’s electrical panel before you install solar roofing. Here’s what’s covered.

What is an electrical panel and what does it do?

Simply put, your main electrical panel receives power from the utility company and distributes this energy throughout all the circuits in your home. The main electrical panel in your home or property is like a main switchboard that supplies energy to all the different devices like your outlets and appliances. The main circuit breaker is usually located at the top of the panel. Each of these breakers can shut off electricity to your home, but not from the utility company to your home. The latter only happens if the utility company shuts off your service. If you need to turn off power to a specific area, each circuit can be accessed instead of turning off the power in your entire home. They’re usually located peripherally around your home such as the basement, garage, built into a wall, or inside a utility closet.

What are NEMS and how does NEM 3.0 affect you?

Briefly, Net Energy metering or NEMS is a rate option from the utility company that allows consumers who have solar panels or any other eligible renewable energy sources to receive credits for extra electricity supplied to the electric grid. We will have a later blog article going more in detail about NEM 3.0.

Consider the age of your home or property before solar power.

Older homes that are 40 + years old will most likely need to upgrade their electrical panel. Newer homes usually do not need an upgrade for electric panels when installing solar power. The best type of electrical panel for solar energy needs to be rated at least for 200 amps. Homes that are either much larger or smaller may need either more or less amps. An older electrical panel can make your home unsafe if your home is overloading its circuits.  Upgrading or replacing your electrical If you want to know how many solar panels your home would need, you can find an array of solar panel square footage calculators online or drop us a line.

How many amps does your home really need?

Amperages or amps are just a measure of unit for electricity that runs through a circuit. The average home requires about 100-150 amps is usually enough energy to power the average home. If you’re adding solar, 200 amps is recommended. For a more detailed estimate of cost and preparation for your solar power, give us a call. We’ll walk you through it and answer all your questions.

Other reasons to upgrade your electrical panel.

Apart from adding solar panels to your roof, there are other reasons to upgrade your existing electrical panel. As more and more consumers are going green and investing in electric vehicles, you may want to add an electrical charger to your home. Are you thinking of changing your gas appliances to electric? Installing a new water heater or a nice long soak in your new hot tub? If so, an upgrade might make sense. Do you have current electrical issues like flickering lights? Then a new electrical panel is in order.

Cost of upgrading your electrical panel.

The cost of upgrading your old electrical panel to a new one depends on how many amps your existing panel has. In the long run, the cost is not significant when you consider the benefits of solar power and renewable energy that you and your family will benefit from. Have questions or concerns about adding solar energy to your roof? Reach out today at (833) LBR-4YOU


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